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The pope after Benedict will consecrate Russia, but it is not Francis. Clicks.1K, promoting the Enemy: Sandro Magister noticed that Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, showed little competence but was very devote to Francis. And he was right! Francis is not a true pope, he is an antipope, sorry. Before that the French Revolution before that the Protestant Revolt and so-on I am well aware of the Cross as I suspect many Catholics are, and many more will. Antipope, the contrary of a true pope, what St Francis of Assisi referred in his now fulfilled prophecy as a destructor. Abramo, St Francis of Assisi said in his death bed prophecy that a destructor shall come, and that the immaculate purity of our order and others shall be eclipsed: Franciscans of the immaculate, that's were the destruction begun, "by. Father Reto said before magister and many here: the damage is done. Look at St Athanasius he is the best example. I haven't said you drooled. Who More Prophets have seen this day, the poison of this synod came out and the Church will be unrecognizable in just 1 year, Catherine Emmerich foretold this day, St Francis foretold how the destruction should begin, yet Catholics read/hear this pope and drool. I feel your pain, it has been a pain of mine too, all I can do is Pray, stay faithful and watch. This pope has damage the church greatly, in secular media, gays and advocates of iniquity are rejoicing, everywhere they are praising Francis for this 'moral' victory in this synod as next year they will surely have their way.

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